Special number days with receipts timestamped 07/08/09, 01/11/10, 08/09/10, 11/11/11, 12/12/12

When the numbers in the current day make an interesting combination, it’s always neat to acknowledge that day. For instance, July 8, 2009 is 07/08/09. It’s fun to get a memoir recording that unique date, because it happens only once! And how do you capture a once-in-a-lifetime date? With a printed register receipt!

If you were getting a register receipt to capture that day’s numbers, where would you try to go? I like to go to the the Dunkin Donuts by the Trump Tower because it fulfills the four-part strategy of getting a receipt with an exact timestamp:

1)The location should be not busy

Since you are trying to get a receipt with an exact timestamp, you can’t be waiting in line while some dunderhead is trying to decide what to get. You need to be able to walk right up to the register at the exact right time.

2) Friendly cashiers

You need to have the cashiers on your side, because you will need their help. Introduce yourself to the cashier a few minutes before the time strikes. If the time on his/her register is off a little bit, you can adjust when you order. Having the cashier on your side will not only help you with this time adjustment, but it will bring some fun to his/her day as well.

I like to imagine that when the cashier goes home, he/she tells their family or friends about this goofball who came in that day to get a receipt with 01/01/01 01:01:01. Then I like to imagine the family and friends respond with, “oh of course! Today makes a fun number!”

3) Receipts with a good timestamp

Every receipt displays the timestamp differently. Examples of variation: Jul 8 09, 2009/07/08, July 8th, 2009. If the day you are going after is 07/08/09, it makes no sense in having the receipt say Jul 8 2009. You want it to say 07/08/09.

Having the seconds marked on the receipt makes an extra challenge to get the exact second. Pretty much anyone can get a receipt with the right minute stamped. But to get the very second? Now that’s a JACKPOT.

4) Shape of the product

Dunkin’s donuts come in two great shapes. The long john donut is like the shape of a 1. The regular donut is in the shape of a 0. Both are very fitting for numbers. For 11/11/11 I got a chocolate Long John that looks like a 1.

Can you think of any other place where their products come in the shapes of numbers? I guess french fries could be considered a bunch of 1s.

5) Cost of the product

A $1 price tag is a great number to go along with a special number day receipt.

Here’s my collection of receipts with timestamps:

Receipt for 123456789 day

07/08/09 (at 12:34:42)

So close! The receipt says 01/11/10 11:11:18

01/11/10 (at 11:11:18)

I just got a receipt time-stamped 08/09/10 11:11:11

08/09/10 (at 11:11:11)

I got a $1 chocolate Long John receipt stamped 11/11/11 11:11:20 SO CLOSE! #111111

11/11/11 (at 11:11:20)

12/12/12 12:12:18 six seconds close! And I got $1.02 in change from register 2.

12/12/12 (at 12:12:18)

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12 years ago

You totally should frame the 11/11/2011 11:11:20 receipt. i was thinking you missed it by 9 seconds (11/11/11 11:11:11), but really you’re just repeating the 20 in the year, so it’s truer to the date.

12 years ago

this is hilarious. you make it a point to go to DD on special days? i kinda want a donut now. also, my favorite is 8/9/10 11:11:11. when i read that date out loud it sounded like a broken record. 11…11…11…11…11… make it stop!!!!!!

12 years ago

11/22/11 is sorta interesting if you’re into palindromes. 12/1/11 is 12-1=11. 1/2/12 has a nice pattern. 1/21/12 is another pattern.

12 years ago

you’ve got a long ways to go and by this date DD may be automated but i like the date: 12/30/1230 12:30:00

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