Spin a quarter and get a world record

This record has GOTTA be an easy one to break:

The longest time a coin has been spun until coming to a complete rest is 19.37 seconds by Britain’s Scott Day.


Here’s what you need to know if you want to have a spin at the record:

1. The coin should be spun on a smooth, flat surface measuring a maximum of 1 x 1 m (3 x 3 ft) which should be dry.

2. The coins to be used are 10p coins in Great Britain, 25¢ coins in the United States and, in other countries, coins weighing at least 0.21 oz or 6 g and having a maximum diameter of 2.5 cm or 1 in.

3. Any coin used must have a grooved edge and be offered for inspection to make sure it has not been tampered with.

4. The time starts when the coin starts spinning and stops when the coin comes to a complete rest.

5. An official timekeeper should be present thoughout the attempt.

6. Each participant is only allowed three attempts.

From: Guinness World Records

This will be the featured item today for New Toy Friday at work. I can’t wait!

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Tom Saaristo
19 years ago

I just broke the World Record … who do I call? :b

Stefan Bazelmans
18 years ago

i just spun a quarter for 23.5 minutes, and it was stopped at that point

Matt Tremble
Matt Tremble
17 years ago

is this just spinning it or im i aloud to flick it to keep it going longer?

Matt Tremble
Matt Tremble
17 years ago

what is the record for the longest time spinning a quarter when u r aloud to flick is while it is spinning to keep it goin longer. Thats the record i wanna break.

Jeff  Latendorf
Jeff Latendorf
17 years ago

Matt, the longest time a quarter has been spun when ur able to flick it is 5 minutes 48.3seconds. I have broke it before but i dont know who to contact.

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