Use a spoon to spread jelly and peanut butter

Do you use a knife to spread the jelly on your sandwich? The jelly slides off the knife. The jelly in your jar is left with deep trenches. The serrated blade from the knife makes an awful texture sound when you slide it across the bread. Knives in my peanut butter and jelly jar? No thanks!

Using a spoon to spread the peanut butter on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Next time you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, try using a spoon instead of a knife to spread the jelly and peanut butter. (I say jelly first, because of course, you are always spreading the jelly first, right?)

Why a spoon is better than a knife to spread jelly and peanut butter

  1. More jelly (and peanut butter) per dip.
    With the wider surface of a spoon, you can get more jelly on the spoon, compared with the narrow surface of the knife.
  2. The inside of your peanut butter jar will have smoother appearance.
    When I scoop ice cream, I love to leave the ice cream in the carton nice and flat. No big craters. No trenches. The same goes with my jelly and peanut butter. I don’t like big deep trenches in my peanut butter jar.
  3. Smoother spread.
    The spoon is so smooth to spread jelly on your break. Especially compared with the serrated edge of a knife.
  4. Easier to lick.
    When you are done spreading, you can easily lick that spoon without worrying about cutting your tongue.

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