Spotify family mix to combine everyone’s favorite songs in your house

This is so cool of Spotify to do! A family mix.

Spotify family mix preview

Last year, we signed up for the family plan on Spotify. When we were all on my plan, the love of Disney soundtracks by my three-year-old daughter was screwing up my song recommendations. Everything in my recco list was being dominated by Disney. Plus, when I was listening to music at work, and then my wife would listen to music at home, I would get kicked off my music. Hence, family plan. Everyone gets their own account. Harmony in the Maldre household.

And now Spotify is offering me a playlist called “Family Mix”

The tagline reads: “Introducing Family Mix: Listen together with the people on your Family plan”

Spotify Family Mix: Listen together with the people on your Family Plan

Right now this playlist is empty. It’ll be fun when Spotify starts to populate it. I suppose in the meantime, I could make my own family playlist and set it to shuffle. In some ways, that might actually be better. Because some of the songs that Spotify selects for me might not be appropriate for a 3-year-old.

I’m assuming this playlist will be a combination of what my daughter, wife, and myself listen to. Oh, this would be so nice! Often times on the weekends when I put on music, my daughter wants her Disney tunes. But now I can have some of my music come into the mix too.

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