Spotify recommendations for K7’s “Swing Batta Swing” album

K7 "Swing Batta Swing" album cover from 1993

One of my regular “go-to” albums is K7’S 1993 album, “Swing Batta Swing.” This is easily one of my top ten albums back in the 90s. I continue to enjoy this album today.

Spotify’s track recommendations for this album are really spot on.

First of all, the “Come Baby Come Remastered Extended Version” is great. Most remixed versions are either so different from that original song that they are unsatisfying. Or the extended version is so long, you fall asleep. They’ll just play the same parts over and over. As if the extended version should just be the same stuff, but repeated. No thanks.

But this extended version really hits on extended. Certain musical elements have more of a full breathing room. Like the very beginning. We hear more of the original sourced material.

Ride That Bass” by Quad City DJs is next. This song sounds sooo familiar to the 90s version with the lyrics “Come on and ride the train, and ride it.” But this version has a little more of the fun salsa something. I really haven’t heard the lyrics “Come on and ride the train” since the 90s.

Whoomp! Si Lo Es” by Tag Team, MC Skeey

Oh. Talk about a song that got played out. Whoomp, there it is was played soooooo much in the 90s—especially living in Chicago with the Bulls winning the championship. The Bulls won the NBA Finals, and we heard this song over and over in celebration. Then the Bulls won again. This song got played over and over. The Bulls won again. And again. And again. And again. Literally that many times. Six championships. Each with this song as the championship anthem.

At least this version is done in Spanish, so puts a slight twist on it.

Joy & Pain – Featuring Rob Base” by Omar Chandler

Wow. I can’t believe how many songs I loved in the 90s are now coming back into my ears. Songs that I haven’t heard in over 20 years.

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