Spotify removed option to share songs to Twitter

Spotify had a nice sharing feature. Click on any song, go to the Share menu, and select “Share via Twitter.” A little pop-up appears with pre-filled text containing:

• Song title
• Artist

You could edit any of of these items before publishing the tweet. I used this feature all the time to tweet songs to @spudtunes.

Now, with the recently redesigned Spotify UI, they removed the option to share songs via Twitter and other social media channels.

Screenshot of the limited options to share

Instead, now you only get the option to copy the URL or a embed code. Sure, I could just copy the song link. But the previous “share to twitter” option automatically gave me all the things I needed.

Now I have to manually copy the title, and manually copy the artist into my tweet. Hrmpf. More work for the user. You’d think Spotify would have kept this “share via Twitter” feature. Users gave free promotion for Spotify by tweeting the songs on to their service. You’d think they want people tweeting about songs with Spotify URLs. I guess not!

Does Spotify now have some sort of conflict with Twitter?

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