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Spudart the webcomic

For the longest of long times I’ve been thinking about starting a webcomic. But I didn’t know what characters to do. Or what to name it.

Until now. Dude. It’ll be a webcomic about talking potatoes.

Here’s the IM convo that started the idea:


And the first webcomic for your pleasure:

What kind of tea freak are you? [webcomic]

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Tom Saaristo

Teameh (Tea + meh)


I thought the ‘c’ in “Teaddict” was an ‘o’ and read it as “Teaddiot”.


I like that potatoes drink tea! Teatatoes! Did you name them?


Ha. You know what’s really funny about the screenshot of the conversation? You blurred out my name as the sender of the message, but left the “came back” above it untouched. Don’t worry about changing it, I don’t care – just pointing out that NEITHER of us noticed it (until just now). 😛