Did Disney try to hide “Star Wars Headspace” inside its master Spotify playlist?

Are you a Star Wars fan, but find the traditional soundtracks overplayed? You might find some tunes you like in Disney’s new monster list of 361 Star Wars tracks.

Screenshot of Star Wars Complete playlist on Spotify

Called “Star Wars Complete“, this playlist lasts for 22 hours and 33 minutes! You’ll be certain to find some tracks you never heard of.

At the very end of this playlist is 15 tracks from the official Star Wars 2016 compilation of electronic music, called “Star Wars Headspace“.

"Star Wars Headspace" album cover

Was Disney hiding or highlighting Headspace?

I don’t know if Disney was trying to intentionally bury this album at the very bottom of the playlist. Or maybe they were trying to subtly highlight it. Who really pays attention to the songs in the middle of a long playlist like this? If you wanted to hide some tracks, just throw ’em in the middle of this 22 hour marathon.

When I first heard about “Star Wars Complete”, I didn’t start playing it from the beginning. Instead I scrolled alllll the way to the bottom to see what were the last songs. Kinda like fast forwarding a marathon all the way to end to see the winner cross the finish line.

Four good things about Star Wars Headspace:

  1. It’s nice background music while working.
  2. Not overtly “Star Wars”. Just a few little hints here and there of Star Wars flavor.
  3. The track “EWOK PUMPP” is pretty funny. (also amusing is that the track is actually set in all caps. That’s not me being overly excited about it–ALTHOUGH I AM EXCITED—alongside my ewok Twitter persona @ewoklumat)
  4. For the track “Cantina Boys” I like to picture the Mos Eisley Cantina turning into a dance club, and everyone BREAKING IT ON DOWN. (Or whatever people say these days for RAISE THE ROOF).

Now that I’m intentionally listening to an album (which I rarely do), by the end of the year this will probably end up as my #1 most-listened album in 2021.

Oh, side note. In the 1970’s there was another official Star Wars remix by Meco. ‘Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band’ is still in the Guinness Book as the best-selling instrumental single ever released. Move over Mozart, Beethoven, Kenny G, Axel F, and Mission Impossible!

Ok, now back to the troyboi ewok vibe…

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Melissa Bauer
3 years ago

This post was a gift. I spent a good part of my evening yesterday perusing this playlist that spans the whole gamut of emotions.

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