Starting now, everyone should learn how to program or code

Imagine our country if everyone knew how to program or code. I cover this topic on my publishing and syndication blog, “Programming should be taught in all schools to all students.”

Now before you reply with, “then our country would be a bunch of geeks,” take yourself back to when people in Europe couldn’t read. In the 14th century, 80 percent of English adults couldn‚Äôt even spell their names (source McSweeney’s). Reading was seen as something only for special people.

Today literacy is something we all strive for. Why? Words matter. Communication matters. Learning matters. Words are everywhere.

Now programming is everywhere. As computers enter our lives more and more, everyone should be able to leverage the most they can out of their computers. And it’s not just computers, programming touches our lives in smartphones, services like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, netflix, blogging, tweeting. Programming is all around us. Programming matters. It’s a language we all need to learn to speak.

Not convinced? Give a read to Wall Street Journal’s “Why software is eating the world.” Programming is everywhere, and we need to know how to use it.

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