Stuffing chocolate easter bunnies into a backpack

Walgreens has chocolate Easter bunnies on sale for 80%. I figured the math, and these discounted bunnies are cheaper than buying bags of chocolate. So sure, I’ll buy six of them! I really wanted to buy the entire shelf of like 30. But that’s kinda weird, right? I took six and carried them to the check-out counter.

Whenever I’m biking, I always have my backpack. So when I purchase something at Walgreens, I always say, “no bag, please.” The cashier seemed confused as to why I didn’t want a bag when I was purchasing six Easter bunnies. Even though my huge backpack was on top of the counter. I said, “um, these can fit in here nicely.”

As my credit card was validating, I proceeded to stuff the chocolate Easter bunnies into my backpack. It felt a little weird. I joked, “It feels like these bunnies are going into their burrow!” Each little bunny hopping into my backpack. C’mon, guys, let’s go home, so I can EAT YOU. Yipes, am I the big bad wolf now?

Now, with six bunnies safely in my backpack, I biked to my original destination. I haven’t gone biking in a month or so. But what gets me on my bike? Taco Bell.

I was surprised to see no cashier person at the front. Instead, it was just touch screens.

Which is fine with me, I like taking my time figuring out what I’m going to get—and not have someone staring at my while I take my sweet time staring at the menu. It just felt really weird to have no person standing at the front. But they did just renovate this Taco Bell (removing the KFC), so I guess this is part of the renovation.

I’ve been to other fast food restaurants with touch screens, including other Taco Bells. But for some reason, this particular place felt odd having just the touch screen. It’s a bit like the graphic novel, “Mooncop” where the police officer on the Moon goes to a self-serve coffee and donut shop.

Which, by the way, I’ve had this book on loan from the library for the past month. I haven’t opened it until this week. In the mornings, I get about 10 minutes of reading time before I walk my 7-year-old daughter to school. Yesterday, I felt like reading a graphic novel. “Mooncop” was sitting there. As soon as I picked it up, I remembered that the solar eclipse was that day. The timing was really funny how I’m reading a story about the Moon, and here the Moon was going to eclipse the sun that same day. It made me relate to what it would be like on the surface of the Moon during the eclipse.

The Taco Bell was really quiet and peaceful. It felt nice with the renovation. With windows surrounded the sitting area on three sides, lots of light came in.

It made me want to bring my laptop and work there. Although, my cell phone said there was no Taco Bell wifi. Just some abstract wifi networks. No thanks.

Before I left home, I tucked an Ewok figure into my backpack. I was going to do a little photoshoot with one of my Ewok figures. Maybe take the wrapper from a soft taco and make it into a cape for the Ewok. But alas, I forgot. That gives me an excuse to go to Taco Bell again.

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