Swine Sucker Madball from 1980s

In the mid-1980s Madballs were a series of toy foam balls with various gross faces on them. For some reason, I had Swine Sucker, an ugly drooling wild boar. Looking him up online, he comes from Series 2 of the Madballs in 1985.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick him out from a toy store—gross things were really not my style. So it was probably a gift. But I ended up enjoying playing with Swine Sucker, especially throwing him around. I found when gripping this Madball to throw, you could place your index finger on his snout, and it would give you extra leverage to give your throw an extreme spin.

The image comes from the “Gross For One… Gross For All… Madballs!” collection. I adjusted the photo’s saturation to better reflect his original, lighter pink hue. Regrettably, my days of playing with Swine Sucker are long gone, since I no longer have this Madball. Maybe he got lost from a deep deep home run smash.

This post comes from the inspiration of a wonderful blog I recently discovered, Space Monkey X. His most recent post is about Garbage Pail Kids – Series 4, which prompted me to reflect back on grotesque things from my childhood in the 1980s. I didn’t collect Garbage Pail Kids, but I did have this Madball. In a way, a Madball is like a physical Garbage Pail Kid that you can throw.

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