Fun with baseball

Cubs traded for Aramis Ramirez today

Other than Minute Maid Park, the worst field for Aramis throughout his career has been Wrigley Field. (This only counts fields where he’s had more than 65 career at bats). He is batting .232 at Wrigley. I’m hoping it’s just because of the excellent Cubs pitching. His career batting average is .224 vs. the Cubs. …

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tiny mlb all-star trophy

The 2003 Major League Baseball All-Star Trophy looks like they bought it at some garage sale. No. It doesn’t even look that cool. Looks like they spent a whoppin twenty bucks on it. How can they give out such a crummy award, espicially when it’s called the Ted Williams All-Star MVP. I espicially like how …

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less than three days left

vote for the final two players for the all-star game:VARITEK AND PATTERSON!

which cap is more cool?

I’m considering getting a new chicago cubs cap. Option A is from Option B is from Which baseball hat is more cool?

retired baseball players

Erik brought up a good point of that there is no ongoing list of retired baseball players. I posted a comment on the

historic ball game

I went to the night ballgame at Wrigley Field yesterday that marked the first time that four players with 400+ career homeruns played in the same game. Also Rafael Palmeiro came back to Wrigley for the first time since 1988. And the game also featured the AL home run leader (Alex Rodriguez) and the NL …

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favorite place in wrigley field

In the outfield in that small strip of a section where there are only three rows. Either the first row (dive into the baskets) or the third row is great. The third row, you get to stand up and stretch whenever you want. Plus you get to see where the outta ballpark homeruns land. And …

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fun stuff

I just ordered a bunch of stuff off to promote my site. Here’s what i got:* 36 plastic leis (gonna put a little spudart tag on it)* 12 beach balls (with written on it)* 96 tiny plastic lizards (with written on the bottom)I’ll drop the lizards at random spots at the taste. …

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the negative chip caray

Chip Caray, tv announcer for the Chicago Cubs since 1998, has been growing more and more irratiable as the baseball season goes on. Why? Is it the Cubs awful play this season? No, I don’t think that’s the main reason. The real reason is that most Cubs fans don’t like Chip. Chip knows this so …

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