Fun with baseball

Cubs Opener

It’s neat living in Wrigleyville. Today is the Chicago Cubs home opener.* They painted the Addison red line L a couple days ago* The street sweeping truck thingy is out* The Tribune Company put up stupid new wind blockers in the outfield to block the view of neighboring rooftops. Readers reactions

Bobbin head doll for the ladies

This year the Cubs are offering bobbin head doll giveaways of Ryne Sandberg, Sammy Sosa, and Kyle Farnsworth. Kyle who?I think it’s funny that they decided to do a Kyle Farnsworth bobblehead. Of all the cubs past and present they decide to go with him. But, the cubs marketing department must be very keen on …

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Wrigley Field expansion plans

I live in Wrigleyville the neighborhood that is home to Wrigley Field of the Chicago Cubs. Personally, i hate when the community puts up such a b*** about how bad the traffic is around Wrigley Field during game days. Like duh. Of course it’s gonna be bad. (personally, I don’t think it’s THAT bad). The …

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South side of Chicago has a new star

did you know that the Cubs new pitching coach, Larry Rothschild, grew up on the south side of Chicago? “Rothschild, 47, who grew up in Beverly on Chicago’s South Side”,1984,165661,00.html

Baseball races

Yahoo! Sports: MLB – 2001 Pennant Watch