Blog birthdays

From the list of my friends’ blogs, I looked up everyone’s first blog post. Here they are sorted by oldest to newest: 12/15/98: Hamblog 09/15/00: Supah 04/25/01: Jotsheet 09/28/01: 05/13/02: Deep Fun 06/19/02: Confessions of a Foodie 01/07/03: Hello, my name is Scott 01/21/03: Googamook 01/21/03: Spinninghead 05/02/04: Erik Maldre, Unlikelymoose 10/01/04: Eegons 11/04/05: …

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Happy Birthday Tom!

Many happy wishes to Tom Saaristo on this his day of birth.

Mr. T’s birthday

Today is the birthday of Mr. T. (May 21, 1952) Happy Birthday, foo!

lisa’s birthday

For lisa’s birthday. i got her the napping book, some spongebob squarepeants coloring books (cuz we were looking for some a couple and could not find any cuz lisa and her sister wanted to color). And i got her a stress turtle. It’s a turtle that sings, but it’s really loud. I told her that …

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day before your birthday

In addition to celebrating our birthday, we should also celebrate the day before our birthday, because that is the last day that we are at that age.~thought generated by conversation with David Rothkopf of Down the Line. Tomorrow is Dave’s 30th birthday, therefore today is his last day of being 29.

Last day of age

On my last day as being age 25, I face a tradition that has eerily followed me since my senior year in college. On the day before my birthday, I become a lot more focused and productive with my artwork. Nov 19, 1996 (senior year)I produced the award winning photos of my head in a …

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