Fun with chocolate

How healthy is Dove dark chocolate?

In various dark chocolates you’ll find claims of 65% cocoa or 70% cocoa. The cocoa percentage is nice, but what really helps you are the flavonoids in the chocolate. They reduce “bad” cholesterol and increase “good” cholesterol (source). 100 grams of fresh cocoa beans has 10 grams of flavonol. 100 grams of Dove dark chocolate …

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Dove chocolate rewards program

Dove very much needs to offer some sort of rewards points program. Please email Dove¬Æ and tell them to offer one. Here’s what I wrote. Feel free to copy or modify to your pleasure: =========== My dearest Dove, Your dark chocolates are soooooo good, you need to have a frequent buyer program–much like how the …

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Your age by chocolate math

Be sure you don’t read the bottom until you’ve worked it out! This is not one of those waste of time things, it’s fun. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate. (More than once but less than 10) Multiply this number by 2 (Just to …

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Chocolate! Chocolate! vs. Triple Chocolate Chaos

While standing in line at Walgreens to purchase six balance bars on sale, I muttered out loud, “oh crap.” The person next in line asked me, “What’s wrong?” It sounded so ridiculously silly when I responded with, “I meant to pick up two ‘chocolate! chocolate!’ bars, instead i picked up a ‘Triple Chocolate Chaos.’ But …

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the most delicious snack

Hershey’s is now making York peppermint patties into chips called Swoops. And they make me *swoon.* They are soo good! So thin, so tasty. It’s the most delightful snack ever! The plain chocolate and reese’s also taste good, but there’s something about the mintiness inside a chip that just defies nature.

Ice cream shop life lessons

A few life lessons I learned while working at an ice cream shop, the Yogurt Oasis, during college summers: Don’t ever put gummy bears into the ice cream; they get very cold and hard. Therefore the hard gummies become difficult to chew. When sticking your head under the frozen yogurt machine and filling your mouth …

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yoo-hoo sucks

ohmigosh, do not buy Yoo-hoo if you want chocolate milk. It’s like water with chocolate powder. I even tried adding five of those half-n-half mini-moo’s to give some creme texture, but it’s still awful.

ban all coconut chocolates

You have a nice box of chocolates. You carefully pick a chocolate. With great anticipation and curiousity you bite into it only to have your mouth full of the awful texture of coconuts! Ban All Coconuts in Box of Chocolates worldwide! Join us in our crusade. In addition to my Carrot Cake Boycott club, I …

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chocolate vs. vanilla

A recent email I sent to the “vanilla queen” at What, is there some sort of vanilla brigade out there wanting to fully eliminate any traces of chocolate dominance from the planet? Face it you vanilla villians, Chocolate has you flat out beat in edible products. Yeah, you may have your stronghold on other …

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