1000 Lire Found

In December I bought a used vertical file cabinet at a thrift store for ten dollars. What a find! It was literally an answer to a prayer (the filing cabinets we looked at other places were $75 and up). The bottom of the drawers were lined with Chicago Tribune newspapers from 1997 (rather fitting seeing …

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Earth and Sun to Scale

This artwork is quite long. To view the artwork click here: earth and sun to scale. In this file, the Sun is the circle on the left. To view the earth, scroll all the way to the right through outer space, and you’ll arrive at the super-duper tiny dot on the far right. The dot …

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Mr. T preaches bible sermons on TV

Former A-TEAM star MR T has found a new purpose in life preaching Bible sermons on TV. The former pro-wrestler – real name LAURENCE TUREAUD – scored global fame as BOSCO ‘BA’ BARACUS in the hit 80s TV show about a team of crime fighting Vietnam veterans. But the 52-year-old actor has now turned his …

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christmas card ideas

Here’s a bunch of different ideas i’m playing with for my 2004 christmas card. Bubble wrap (I have a lot left over from my halloween costume) Including a birthday candle (for Jesus’s birthday). Then the recipient can use the birthday candle on their own cake, or a friends cake in the future. 2000th birthday for …

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Prayer Action Verbs

As we pray to God, sometimes we have trouble articulating the words our hearts want to express. One of the prayers from the Lutheran book of prayer really struck me with the different variety of action verbs used: Grant Protect Preserve Help Keep Remove Give Enable Fill This sounds like an interesting list that can …

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The Question of God – Sigmund Freud & C.S. Lewis: DVD now available

The PBS special about Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis is now on sale today. I have to admit, while watching it on tv, I feel asleep half way through. I much more recommend the book, “Mere Christianity.” Also available today: √Ø√ùTransformers Energon – The Battle for Energon √Ø√ùTransformers Energon – The Return of Megatron

to remind is to re-mind

I have a notepad with a monthly updated to do list. This page gets looked at very frequently. It would be a good idea to put some bible verses at the bottom to be a good reminder of how God gives us strength and works through us. To not be so absorbed in our actions. …

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Bible with room for notes

I’m looking for a New King James Version bible with room to write notes in the margins. Any suggestions? It’d be great if it was like a slimline version. yeah yeah. i want a slim version, but with room for notes–kinda contradictory. But still, it would be oh so nice.

Faith: external or internal?

√¨Faith was a recognizable dimension of everything he did in public and private life. It was never a badge or an ornament to make others uncomfortable, but always a star he checked to set his own course.√Æ –a statement given at the funeral of Thomas (Tip) O√≠Neill, former Speaker of the House of Representatives The …

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