christmas card ideas

Here’s a bunch of different ideas i’m playing with for my 2004 christmas card. Bubble wrap (I have a lot left over from my halloween costume) Including a birthday candle (for Jesus’s birthday). Then the recipient can use the birthday candle on their own cake, or a friends cake in the future. 2000th birthday for …

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too much christmas

erik and i helped my parents bring their Christmas stuff up to the attic. Gosh, i certainly hope that I never end up collecting soo much Christmas stuff. There’s gotta be at least 20 boxes of stuff.

Naked Christmas tree

Naked tree

Lisa and I ripped off all the branches on my Christmas tree (so the branches could fit into the recycling bags)

inverted christmas tree

January 7, 2003: It would be easier to hang Christmas ornaments on an upside-down tree, because none of the branches get in the way. ~conversation with John Weistroffer Wow, three years after this conversation and companies are actually now selling upside-down Christmas trees.

IKEA Holiday 2002 Catalog

I just found the IKEA christmas catalog in the garbage at work today. Score!

First Sign of Christmas

The Christmas lights are being put up on the trees on Michigan Ave in front of the Tribune Tower, Chicago.

It's a Mr. T Christmas card, 2000

Mr. T Christmas card 2000

While in Chicago during Christmas, Mr. T lost his shoe. Help him find his shoe in the many photos of Mr. T in Chicago at! I bought a handmade Mr. T doll off eBay in 2000 as a joke. The amount of detail is quite surprising on this doll. Apparently someone in the 80s …

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