Creative process

Encaustic photo tutorial

Wanna learn how to make encaustic photos? Here I’ll show you how to transfer photos onto wax! Far out! Gesso setup These are 10×15 inch pine boards. And yes, I have lots of storage in my shelf by the window. My dining room is really more of a studio working space. Waxing setup We space-time …

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Barack Obama Inauguration jumbotron in Chicago 7

Why do we photograph our cities?

Walking down the corridor in Chicago’s Grand Avenue station, the train starts flying by. One of the windows on the train is totally smashed. The pattern created is incredibly exquisite with beautiful lines emanating out from one spot. I didn’t have time to take a photo, I continued to think about that wonderful window. I …

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fuzzy creativity

Creative Behavior had an interesting article, “Creativity (unrelated) Edges” here’s some excerpts: [Creativity] is located in the brain supra √´fuzzy√≠ center and we are invited to travel, poke and dwell on its edges. Fuzzy Intangible. Just the name itself makes a lot of people queasy and don√≠t we know, how an uncomfortable a term, a …

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Creative cycles

Some scientists feel we have 90-minute cycles of creativity. Because it’s impossible to know where in this cycle you are at any given time, you have work at least that length of time—the longer the better—before you hit your creative stride. For more info on this and how it relates to other areas of life, …

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