Fun with croquet

Croquet’s cage of death

If your ball lands inside a warp zone or even touches the string of a warp zone, then your ball is warped into the CAGE OF DEATH and your turn is immediately terminated.

this weekend hobby lobby

Went to Hobby Lobby with Lisa to order a custom mat for Lisa’s tiny todd marrone drawing. Something thick like 8-ply. I found a new yellow color burlap. Also looked at interesting boxes for under my bathroom sink, but none really fit. Found a wooden statue that I almost bought, so i could transform into …

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croquet trophies?

Went up to the Milwaukee for their art museum, and we (dad, sis, bro, me) went to a german restaurant. Before that we were killing time, so erik and i went into a trophy shop. We asked if they had any croquet trophies. But they didn’t have any.

Groundhog croquet characters

I’ve been thinking about the development of the two groundhogs in my comic strip Groundhog Croquet. The current book i’m reading from the harold washington library, 20 Master Plots mentioned two types of plots: action plots and plots of the mind. Aesop Lion: symbol of strength, represents force, power, physical strength. Not bright, being strong …

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heros and heroines

For the Chicago Croquet Squirearchy of Gentlefolk’s game reports, I’m going to do alot more character development to make the stories much more interesting. I even took out some how to write short story books and character books from the library. The eight typical hero profiles:Chief, Bad Boy, Best Friend, Charmer, Lost Soul, Professor, Swashbuckler, …

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extreme croquet mallet

I ordered a new “extreme mallet” from the same company who supplies equipment to the official Croquet Canada team.

smooth croquet

Today was the opening day for the Chicago Croquet Club. This is official professional USCA croquet on super smooth courts, real heavy mallets, heavy balls, skinny strong wickets. And wearing all white. Well… Laura and I weren’t in all white. But the 30 or so people there, almost everyone was wearing white. (and about half …

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learn croquet from a master

This Saturday, June 15, I wanna go learn some croquet from the croquet master Bob Kroeger. He’s gonna be teaching at the Chicago Croquet Club’s opening day. Their press release welcomes anyone to come. Who wants to come? It’s right behind the Museum of Science and Industry. Here’s the schedule:9am-11am: Bob Kroeger teaches the 7 …

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extreme mini-croquet

It looks like the Squirearchy will be published as the creators of extreme mini-croquet in the next issue of the National Croquet Calendar. Take a sneak peek at what i submitted: article #1 and article #2. This photo might make it in too.

Croquet Coincedence

The official croquet of the Squirearchy is now made under the brand names of Wilson and Sportcraft. Amazing. Here’s the story no-point story: hey! i found the croquet set for lisa. I went over to sportmart during work. There’s one by the rock-n-roll mcdonalds. It’s freakin 8 stories tall of all sportmart. It was my …

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