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64 recent flickr favs

Sharing favs works much better on Flickr than Instagram

I had fun faving 70 photos on Flickr tonight. I was searching street installation, pavement installation, and site specific. You can’t really make a screenshot of your favs like this on Instagram. Flickr is better than Instagram! To make this screenshot, I made the page smaller by descreasing the zoom in my Chrome browswer. I used […]

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Searching my flickr favs for Paris

Can I search through my Instagram favorites?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you search through your favorites. You can see a grid of your favorite photos. But there is no search. If there is a photo you fav’d a while ago, and you want to pull it back up, good luck! You’ll have to scroll and scroll through your favs list to find […]

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Before and after, Tribune Tower

Flickr’s “search for similar photos”

Most of us are familiar with Google’s reverse image search. Pick any photo online, and Google can find a photo that is similar (or identical). It’s a very fun tool to play around with. I’ve used it to: Search for a painting hanging up in a Panera restaurant Find paintings that look like a beach […]

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