Fun at work

FUN AT WORK: Act like a robot when making tea

Next time you make tea in the kitchen at work, make every movement of your body be like a robot. Focus on doing only one movement at a time and exaggerate the motion by doing the robot dance sort of thing. It’s lots of fun! (I’m assuming this will work for coffee too)

IDEA: Have a “color week” at work

Have people at your work wear the following colors in one week: Monday: Orange (if one doesn’t have orange, then red is ok) Tuesday: Yellow Wednesday: Green Thursday: Purple (if no purple, then blue) Friday: Wild Card! (Note how the colors progress through the rainbow through the week) Yes, this is dorky, but c’mon, it’s …

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Draw with dry erase on your computer monitor

Here’s something that is lots of fun. Draw on your computer monitor with a dry erase marker. It’ll wipe right off! Read more about it in the blog post titled, “IDEA: Draw on your computer monitor.”

IDEA: Draw on your computer monitor

Literally, draw right ON it. Take a dry erase marker and you can start doodling right on your screen. Your co-workers might think you are crazy, but it’s an interesting exercise to see your monitor in a new light. If you draw enough on your screen, you’ll notice that your mouse arrow actually looks like …

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Mr. T puffy stickers from the 80s

One of my coworkers got me some vintage puffy stickers of Mr. T. They are so classic. Thank you kristi! Here’s one of my favorites:

Traditions in your workspace

Tribune Media Services (my employer) occupies four floors in the Tribune Tower: 13, 14, 15, and 16. I work and spend 99.5% of my time on floor 14. Visiting the other floors is like visiting a parallel dimension, because they are similar but also different. Every floor has its own set of unique customs and …

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Whiteboard games

A list of Whiteboard games, grouped by category Guessing games Guess the number of beans in container Guess when will be the first 70-degree day in your town Question/Answer games Caption contest Draw map of world with imperative, mark where you want to go. Vote on something. Favorite this or that. Hang up drawings. Puzzles …

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Hidden fun with a plastic mouse

A simple surprise for your office is the classic plastic mouse. Hide it under someone’s monitor or under a stack of sheets and let the fun begin! Tip: If you get a small plastic mouse (like mine) then you won’t totally freak someone out. In fact, the receiver might even think that it’s a cat …

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Sticky Note Village

Have some interactive fun in your office with this great new idea for New Toy Friday.