Fun at work

keyboard my pillow

Oh keyboard you look so comfy. Let me rest my head upon your giving keys. You are not like my desk so hard and flat. Your keys conform gently upon my face. Let me rest my head against the P key ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp P stands for pillow, one which you are so nice You sit in …

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Most popular work holidays

Some people get Armistice day off. But in America it’s a very small number. Which makes me wonder what are the most common work holidays? Surely Christmas, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day rank up there. But it would be interesting to see these numbers in what percentage of people get these days off. One …

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World and Olympic record set for Flying Whirly Hand Copter

Flying Whirly Hand Copter record This morning on the 14th floor of the Tribune Tower in Chicago, the world record was just set for the longest distance by a Whirly Flying Hand Copter plastic toy. Matt Maldre, sailed a Mini Whirl-O-Copter for an amazing 20 feet 4 inches! Rules for the Flying Whirly Hand Copter …

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working at a building with a name

A couple days ago i heard someone on the el say, “I went back to my building after lunch” (in reference to her work building). I like that I don’t refer to the where i work, the Tribune Tower, as “my building.” It’s the “Tribune Tower.” There’s prestige and honor being able to say “Tribune …

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Bring your pet into work week

Wow, a whole week that we can bring our pets into work. Not just a day, but a WEEK. Do plants count as pets? How about my pet rock? He can do tricks!… Sit. Stay. Play dead. And my favorite, roll over. Here’s a cute card from

Collection of April Fool's Day pranks

April Fool’s day

A list of pranks I bought for April Fool’s day

Monkeys invades Tribune cubicle

It was the birthday of Dave Rothkopf, Tribune Media Services copywriter. We both have a love of monkey humor. So his desk got invaded with hundreds of different monkey images from online. It is pure monkey mayhem. Yes, this is art. It’s an installation. It’s photography. It’s printmaking. It’s taking one theme and pushing it …

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Desk of the Apes

It’s Dave’s birthday tomorrow, so I decked out his desk with a five foot tall inflatable monkey, 7 smaller inflatable monkeys, and 258 images of monkeys from google images. Check out the web gallery of photos from this event taken with my cameraphone.