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I like obscure historical landmark signs

ART PROJECT IDEA: Historical plaques project

I’m thinking about doing a project with all the historical markers in Chicago. Maybe a collection of photos. A photo of just the plaque. A photo of the location where the plaque is. Maybe a 30 second video of the surroundings showing a 360-degree around the plaque. In addition to the photos, it would be […]

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Pencil rubbing 13

rubbing it over

Since June of last year, I’ve been meaning to experiment with rubbings in my art. After running off a few in the tribune tower lobby today, it seems like they need something more. Maybe… Make a collage by making rubbings of several things on one sheet, or… Incorporating the rubbings into other mediums, or… What […]

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chicago rubbings

chicago rubbings

I was doing some thinking about doing rubbings (placing a piece of paper up on a wall, rubbing a pencil or charcoal on the paper to reproduce the texture underneath paper). It made me think of how I could walk around chicago and make rubbings of various famous and/or interesting things. Similiar to how I […]

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