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how to take photos of the chicago bean

From Metroblogging Chicago: The deal with the Bean is that you can take a crappy camera and sort of wave it in the general direction of the Bean with your eyes closed and you take, every time, a freakin’ awesome picture. It’s magical.

America 24/7 accepted me into the Illinois book!

Great news! An America 24/7 rep sent me an email saying that I was accepted into the Illinois book! I’m waiting for her to respond with which photo was accepted. Here’s a gallery of the 50 photos I submitted: At this page, each photo has the actual description that was submitted to the contest. …

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cameraphone photos search

wow, my personal cameraphone page “Matt’s cameraphone photos” comes in * 3rd and 5th on a google search for “cameraphone photos“ * 2nd and 5th on an aol search for “cameraphone photos“ * 51st on a yahoo search for “cameraphone“ * 65th on a google search for “cameraphone“

Black & white film vs. digital

Instead of shooting digital photos with a dinky camera, why not shoot black and white with a SLR? Film can cost under $2.00 a roll. You’ll get super high quality. They say that digital cameras will have to be 12 mega-pixel to get the equivalent of 35mm. I’m thinking of setting up a photo lab …

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UFO Shooting Camera

View this %%265-6561_IMG_400.jpg]image and answer this question: A) Does this toy shoot out discs that look like UFOs or B) Does this toy shoot discs at UFOs? inspired by mindbending power of the alien, David Rothkopf

week of taking photos is over

The week of taking photos is finally over. I went totally berzerko taking photos… 2025 to be exact. I found out last night that if I sign up as a professional “stringer” that I can submit 50 photos, instead of the 7 as an amateur. Dude. Total professional. Dave will give me a more polished …

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Here is a bunch of research on the currently available watchcameras. I’m opting for the cheaper $40 WQV1.

credit card sized camera

It’s literally the size of a credit card, and with its integrated brushed aluminum case is about half an inch thick at it thickest point and weighs just 1.8 ounces. Logitech Pocket Digital√Ö Camera for $129.95 at Logitech’s site. Yahoo news story