Postage stamps and mail

weirdest stamps ever

It’s rather appriopriate that they would CHOP the photo very tightly on these neuter/spay stamps.

grossest stamps ever

The United States Post Office is selling the most creepiest stamps ever—bat stamps. And they just aren’t nice friendly looking bats, they are zoomed in photos of their heads. GROSS! GROSS! GROSS! EWWWWW! *RUNNING IN CIRCLES WITH HANDS WAVING UNCONTROLLABLY* My condolences to any relatives of the red bat, leaf-nosed bat, and pallio bat. As …

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mail anything

I was anticipating some doubting for when I was gonna mail this package . So when I went into the post office to mail this item, with a smile I told the postal worker behind the counter, “I would like to mail this item as is, with no envelope. I realize it may not make …

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fun with postage stamps

I really like these orange stamps. I think everytime I mail something with it, I’m gonna write an orange joke on it. Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?It ran out of juice. I made a compliation of orange jokes on my site.

most unpopular stamps ever

oh boy! i simply can’t wait until the “neuter or spay” stamps come out from the post office. uh. YUCK! Check it out