croquet trophies?

Went up to the Milwaukee for their art museum, and we (dad, sis, bro, me) went to a german restaurant. Before that we were killing time, so erik and i went into a trophy shop. We asked if they had any croquet trophies. But they didn’t have any.

atari on the internet?

I want to be able to play atari 2600 games over the internet. I know there is emulation programs that allow you play on your own computer. But how about playing a game of Combat with someone miles away?

pencils and gum?

Walking down michigan ave in chicago today during lunch i came across a man dressed in a full-length pencil costume handing our Wrigley’s Spearmint gum. Pencil Man! What do pencils have to do with gum? Tom Saaristo of TOM TOOL food fame suggests “it’s gum AND an eraser. Chew it and then erase. You’re sure …

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subway coupons?

I am looking for some Subway coupons online. Know where I can get some?

how popular is your site?

Marketleap: based on how many sites out on the web link to your site( got 393)Alexa: based on number of visitors using the alexa toolbar( got 1,011,592)

What is the pipe character?

I emailed the Unicode Consortium the following:.*****What is the character “|” called? The vertical line? Surely there must be some other sort of romantic name attached to it. Please do not deny the | character the name is so deserves. It is a very hard working character. It puts in many long hours in text …

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Who can sell more art on ebay?

A bet was placed between my twin brother, a friend, and me. By April 23, 2003, the person who earned the most money by selling their art on ebay wins. Erik, my twin bro is the first to put art up. Check out his current auctions: auction 1 auction 2 Here’s the official websites of …

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who else had your book?

actually wouldn’t it be fun to be able to get the list of people who have checked out the same book as you? That way you can contact them and talk about it! idea! idea! I’m gonna put a little flyer into every book i take out at the library. It will have my email …

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2002 PDA devices

New PDA?

I’m considering getting a new PDA (like one of them PalmPilot doo-dahs). I had one a couple years ago, but it’s been busted for a couple years now. Check out what I’m looking at.

Do news anchors ever spill stuff on their shirts?

Today i spilled some tartar sauce from my filet o fish sandwich on my shirt. It made me wonder if tv newsmen ever spill stuff on their shirts during commercial break. If so, would they have an extra one handy right away?