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What are the odds of finding a four-leaf clover?

A few years ago I was walking up the sidewalk to my parents’ house, and there was one clover growing out of a sidewalk crack. That one clover just happened to be a four-leaf clover! Since then I always look at batches of four-leaf clovers trying to find one. I haven’t found one since then. […]

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A mile-long red carpet for Chicago's Magnificent Mile

A mile-long red carpet for Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

One of the great avenues of the world is missing something. A red carpet. Chicago’s Magnificent Mile has wonderful shopping, skyscrapers, historic buildings, and even horse carriages. But now imagine a mile long red carpet on the sidewalk. That would be so cool. Currently there’s a little carpet in front of the Hotel Intercontinential’s doors […]

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Sidewalk blind bumps

Lego plates at every corner in Chicago

What is up with all these new lego-like plates being installed at the edge of sidewalks in Chicago? Purpose A) General Safety: The bumps would (in theory) make it harder to slip into the street. (I’m not sure of that, because when they get wet, they would get pretty slippery.) B) For the Blind: The […]

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Which side of the sidewalk?

In America we drive on the right side of the road, and pedestrians tend to walk on the right side of the sidewalk. What about in other countries where they drive on the left side of the road. Do they walk on the left side of the sidewalk as well?

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Bicycle traffic tickets from police in Chicago

Bicycle traffic tickets from police in Chicago

Policeman in Chicago are now giving tickets to adult bicyclists who ride on the sidewalk and disobey stop signs. (according to Chicagoist, Gapers Block, Chicago Notebook. I’m trying to picture the scenario of a policeman giving a bicyclist a ticket in the city. Are these cops in cop cars? Are they on cop bikes? Are […]

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portable scanner

I’m looking for a super small flatbed scanner. One that has a bed size of 4×6 or 5×7. And I’m not talking about those pen scanners. It needs to be a flat scanner. I want to take my scanner out in public and scan things like the sidewalk and fixed objects. But a regular scanner […]

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Connect the dots with sidewalk gum spots

Connect the dots with sidewalk gum spots

Dots on the sidewalk left by people’s gum. It’s quite amazing how so many dots form. The history of sidewalk gum dots. A) For all these gum spots to appear, there has to be lots of people who spit their gum out on the sidewalk–not into a piece of paper, not on the street, not […]

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I want to lick the sidewalk

I want to lick the sidewalk

What does a sidewalk taste like? Would it be more acidic or basic? After internet research I found: Wet cement is the number 1 cause of occupational skin disease in the United States. Wet cement burns with a pH of 12.0 to 13.0 But, i want to know the pH of cement when it dries.

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