Tree base covered by snow pile

Trees survive by snow

At first I felt kinda bad for city trees when they would shovel snow off the sidewalks and up against the tree. “Oh no! The trees are being buried!” But actually this must help the trees. The water underneath would melt and and give a refreshing drink to the thirsty tree. The snow pile acts …

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Why I Like Snow

1) Snow transforms our landscape. A whole new visual world great for for photographing. 2) Observing evidence of action. Where animals/humans have been. What areas are warmer than others (where snow melts one side of the street, but not the other. Or how snow melts on rooftops) 3) Snowball fights. There’s just something so entertaining …

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Snow protestors

Then at like 4:00pm yesterday, there a bunch of protestors outside the Tribune building. Once or twice a month, we get protestors outside protesting one thing or another. I work up on the 14th floor facing the Pioneer court where they hold the protests. So we can look out our windows at them. Even drop …

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Wrigley Building in purple light, January 2002


I miss the snow. It’s fun to take pictures in the snow.

GE Snowman Icicle Lights

Illustration for General Electric’s Icicle String Outdoor Set. This appeared on buttons, brochure, and a six foot tall sign.