Soda pop

Look under cap: Unwrap the experience: You lose: Now drink our product, you loser

Coca-Cola has a promotion where you could win a PSP handheld video game system, or the new PS2, or a PlayStation2 game. So being a sucker for soda giveaways, I bought a bottle (plus feeling a little sick, coke makes me feel better). And I did not win. Under the cap it said: DRINK COKE …

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Pepsi Holiday Spice review

This review is by the 14th Floor Soda Beverage Review Crew of Chicago Upon pouring the beverage out, we were quite surprised to see the color of the liquid was red. Quite appropriate for the holidays. However, someone screamed and ran away with his hands up in the air. uh, ok. After a few moments …

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Prune Soda Challenge

I’ll paypal $5.00 to the first person that can tell me where I can legitimately purchase prune soda pop. Rules: The answer cannot be the recipe for prune soda. It cannot be some website that just merely mentions prude soda. It must be bottled or canned and sold as a real product. And it must …

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April 23, 1985 New Coke Unveiled

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company announces that it has irrevocably changed the formula for its flagship beverage, unveiling “New Coke.” The company stands firm on its decision until public pressure finally forces them to reintroduce the original drink, exactly 79 days later.

cold soda pop

What would take longer to chill in a refrigerator:* unopened soda pop* opened soda pop (but with the bottle cap twisted back on, and none drank) I would think the opened soda would chill faster, because alot of the carbonation has been released. Those air bubbles would slow down the cooling process. (air takes longer …

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Tropical Sprite Remix

The coca-cola company has released a new soda pop drink called Tropical Sprite Remix. It’s a clear liquid reminiscent of Crystal Clear Pepsi and has a berry taste that is much better than Pepsi Blue. On the bottle it says “Sprite with Tropical Flavors” It tastes really good.

tricky soda pop companies

Having to look on the inside label, instead of under the cap, is very tricky by soda companies. It makes the drinker want to drink more fast, “did i win? did i win?”. The compeition for this one is: “Dr. Pepper Win a Spider-mand DVD. 1 of 100 Sony Home Theaters or Thousands of other …

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another ripoff soda pop contest

Dr. Pepper Armchair quarterback challenge states you could win up to $1 Million plus 1 of 100 Jeep Wranglers. However to enter, you have to hand print your name, address, phone # and age on a 3″x5″ card and mail it! MAIL IT? ppph, yeah right. Looks like Dr. Pepper doesn’t a large number of …

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