Soda pop

Pepsi Cool Million

Pepsi’s newest promotion “Play Cool Million Cash Caps” seems like a big joke. You have to collect 11 caps each with a letter to spell out “COOL MILLION”. Yeah, what are the freakin chances of this? Right now, I’ve got letter “C”. I’m betting that the letter “M” or “N” is the million dollar letter, …

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Pepsi Blue

I just made a new webpage dedicated to Pepsi Blue, the new berry-flavored drink that will be released soon. It’s got links to articles, pictures, tidbits, and even a fan club! Check it out now: Pepsi Blue

soda pop innovation

I purchased a coca-cola from a vending machine in the Aurora, IL trainstation. And the thing plunked down sooo hard that it got all fizzy. I think the soda pop companies should be some sort of cushioned thing at the bottom of the tray to help prevent the overfizziness of soda.

What happened to Pepsi Clear?

Pepsi Clear also known as Crystal Pepsi and Crystal Clear Pepsi was a wonderful beverage back in the early 1990s. But it was only on the market for a short time. I absolutely loved this drink, so I have created a page dedicated to Pepsi Clear. It includes the largest set of links ever dedicated …

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Pepsi Twist

Pepsi twist tastes like Pepsi with something wrong. Maybe I have a skewed perspective, because I’m not much of a pepsi fan to begin with. Pepsi Twist kinda tastes like selster water and pepsi mixed together.