Fun with Star Wars

darth vader

did darth vader ever shoot a raygun in the star wars triology?

star wars

I saw Star Wars: Clone Wars today in a DIGITAL theatre. I was hoping for a longer Yoda fight scene. I would write more about the movie, but I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

yoda lightsaber master

The main reason Yoda will be only computer animation this time around (and not a puppet) is that, to quote Lucas, “Yoda will finally show why he is called the Master.” He will be using a lightsaber.

Yoda Supastar

In the next Star Wars film (Attack of the Clones) Yoda will yield a light saber with “maneuvers as quick as his speech is circuitous.” Time Magazine states. “A Gandhi turned Rambo, Yoda is the real action hero of the film.” And Yoda will run! Can you imagine?

Stormtrooper robot?


Were the stormtroopers in Star Wars human or robots? I think they are humans.