Fun with trains

Short and simple rules for photographing the CTA

Chicagoist recently made a long post about the photography rules on the CTA and how they are still convoluted. Here’s my short and simple interpretation of the rules: No tripods No cables No lights No obstruct transit operations No interfere with customers No blocking doors No blocking stairs No blocking the flow of traffic at …

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CTA: The place to connect

On a quiet, loaded rush hour El (Chicago transit train), there were two older people that were networking, talking business, and exchanged business cards. The usual daily rush hour train in Chicago is a silent box filled with sleepy workers being shuttled to and fro. But what if the el was a place to network …

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Trains in your instant messages: one-line ascii art

All aboard! «dõõ-oo–o°°°o-o°°°o-o°°°o-o^^^o-o^^^o-o±±±o-o—-o¬**** ============================================ Anyone have any neat ideas on how to do a different engine or boxcars or even caboose?

Save the CTA: Postcard Campaign

The Chicago Transit authority is going to do some major service cuts if they don’t get $55-million from the Illinois government. (background stories if you haven’t heard about it: Chicagoist,, CTA.) I’m going to mail a series of postcards to my congresspeople in Illinois: ========================== FRONT OF CARD: **photo of rush-hour traffic** We don’t …

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CTA customer service

A letter I sent to the Chicago Transit Authority yesterday. ======== Dear CTA Customer Service, I’m writing to let you know that I appreciate what your customer service did for me on the phone today. My monthly CTA Chicago Card Plus card cracked today while using it on the card reader at the brown line …

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Rake by Elevated Train Tracks

There’s a great website out there, For newbies and experienced digital photo buffs alike, this site offers weekly challenges on a wide variety of themes, some for paying members and some for anyone. There’s also a lively community. Paying members can even sell prints via the site. I submitted a photo for the rust …

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What type of train rider are you?

This applies to Chicago’s mass transit system. (The metra has a different system) Front and back car: not in a rush, easy going Middle car (where most CTA exit stairways are): In a rush. Packed. On a mission–wanting to be the first up the stairs to exit the station. Or could be the tourist, because …

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the bouncy ball on the train

It was funny to watch people on the Chicago elevated mass transit train watch a bouncy ball roll across the floor. It simply captivated everyone’s attention. Observing the ball roll up and down the floor of the train as it stopped and accelerated. Maybe these bouncy balls should have a message written on them. What …

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