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Intellectual quotes from Swoop the Dinobot

Intellectual quotes from Swoop the Dinobot

The quotes on the transformers tech spec cards tend to over-intellectualize the transformer being depicted. None better at representing this polarization is Swoop the Dinobot. His tech spec quote is: “Fear can hit targets unreachable to bullets.” And then in the cartoon he leaves us with these great nuggets of wisdom: “Me glad me not […]

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I am an autobot

ryan_top_dogg: so do u collect transformers? or the comics? artdude75: i am a transformer ryan_top_dogg: lol kool u belong to any forums artdude75: forums? i do not go to forums, for i am an autobot ryan_top_dogg: artdude75: Autobots have no use for these “forums” ryan_top_dogg: well make a exception this time artdude75: perhaps if […]

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