Fun with Transformers

Voice behind Old Navy ads is Shockwave, Gruffi Gummi and more!

It’s interesting to see what what cartoon characters were done by the same person. This will be a repeating feature on the spudart blog. Each time a different actor will be featured. This post features Corey Burton who played a wide range of roles, mostly cold evil villians. But there are some suprising roles too. …

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Computron and Grimlock

The domain is not registered. Oh so tempting to reserve it.

I am an autobot

ryan_top_dogg: so do u collect transformers? or the comics? artdude75: i am a transformer ryan_top_dogg: lol kool u belong to any forums artdude75: forums? i do not go to forums, for i am an autobot ryan_top_dogg: artdude75: Autobots have no use for these “forums” ryan_top_dogg: well make a exception this time artdude75: perhaps if …

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G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers #1

Is out right now! I opted for the Metratron and Cobra Commander cover. Although I’m more of an autobot fan, the Optimus Prime / Snake Eyes cover just wasn’t as cool.


Get the new special Special First Season Collector’s Edition on DVD for $45.00 at amazon. You’ll also get limited-edition cels of Transformers characters. Hot!

Roll out (transformers and president bush)

President Bush’s state of the union address announced a new creed for America, “roll out.” Isn’t that from Optimus Prime leader of the Autobots in Transformers? “Autobots, transform and roll out!”