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Submission to urbandictionary for: skelbow

New word: skelbow

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted a word definition to Urban Dictionary. I’m digging way back to a word I learned as a child, skelbow. Ten years ago, I was shocked to find out that nobody else has heard of this word. I swear I learned skelow as a child. Even my twin brother …

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New word: snapity

Snapity is now submitted to urbandictionary.com. Here’s what I wrote: definition: The interjective response to shocking sad news. A combination of “snap” and “pity.” Snap! is your first reaction of surprise, closely followed by pity for the bad news. Snapity! example: Your laptop just blew up?! Snapity! tags: snap, pity, sucks, shock, surprise, sad, empathy

The new word for “sweet” is “savory”

Oh man, that’s so sweet! One year ago today, I declared on twitter that “the new word for ‘sweet’ is ‘savory.’” Next time something really nice happens, don’t say, “sweeeeet.” Instead say “savory!” Try it right now! I’m sure you think this blog post is really savory. “Savory!” It’s fun to say. The new word …

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New word: gomo

word: gomo definition: When you are too tired to say the full “good morning.” example: gomo. i need my coffee tags: good morning, greeting, morning, short, bonjour, buenos dias, good morrow, greetings

New word: weekstart

word: weekstart definition: The start of the work week. Typically Monday. People say “have a happy weekend” on Fridays. On Mondays people greet each other with a happy weekstart. example: It’s Monday, happy weekstart! tags: monday, time, day, week, weekend, beginning, start first usage: In a sticky note comics post


word: WHOAAAAMAZING definition: Combination of whoa and amazing. When something surprises you at first. And then you sit down and admire it’s amazing character. example: WHOAAAAMAZING! Look at all those fireflies! I have never seen such a sight. tags: whoa, amazing, incredible, wow, interjection, surprise, delight first usage: BrWe: fireflies! i love fireflies http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2011/12/stunning-time-lapse-photographs-of-gold-fireflies-in-japan/ Matt: …

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New word: whodda whadda howdda?

word: whodda whadda howdda? definition: Another way of saying “who?! what?! how?!” Usually spoken in shock. example: Your cat is not vegetarian? Whodda whadda howdda? tags: who, what, how, interjection, surprise, shock, unbelieveable, awe, confusion, excitement, hysteria, jolt, stupor, whammy first usage: Brwe: craigy’s cat food just came in Matt: oh! yum! did you try …

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New word: idontbelieveinsearchengines

I’m excited to submit another word to urbandictionary, because hopefully the high-culture elitists at urbandictionary reject the word and then my list of rejected words will grow. Here we have the new word “idontbelieveinsearchengines” Word: idontbelieveinsearchengines Definition: When you ask someone a question because you are too lazy to Google it. Usage: Hey, how many …

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The new word for cool is JAMONIT

Jamonit! That’s how to say cool. It comes from the song “Jam on it” by Newcleus: On June 22, 2011 I started the trend by making a bunch of tweets with #jamonit! FractalSphere: LOL that's hilarious! RT @spudart Can we have a movie where breakdancers face off against parkour peeps? #idea #jamonit #bestmovieever View Tweet …

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NEW WORD: wird

wird def: Weird and wild example: The bears play tonight? That’s wird.

NEW WORD: qdobbing

qdobbing When you go to qdoba multiple times a week to milk their coupon offers. “Oh man, I am totally qdobbing their offers this week. I know they probably only want you to go once a week, but I’m qdobbing this deal up.” –source IM conversation, spudart with sparxmind and Lisa S.