Urbandictionary rejected

Urban dictionary rejected my word submission for noodlefoamtubeannihilate

Urbandictionary.com is the alternative dictionary for slang, subculture words, phrases, and phenomena not found in standard dictionaries. I love the site, because users submit totally crazy definitions for words–both existing words and totally new words. All my submissions for new words in the past have been approved. Words such as super-fragglistic, amehzing, IHYDM, whoat!, and …

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NEW WORD: alongwhile

alongwhile def: When awhile takes a long while example: I have some instant iced tea stuff in my drawer. I haven’t used it in alongwhile. this isn’t in urbandictionary.com yet, but don’t worry, it will be soon. I just submitted it. Hopefully, it won’t take alongwhile.


photo by chi_cowboy Whow Definition: Interjection. Where “whoa” “wow” and “how?” meet together. Synonym: Whoat! Etymology: I was leaving a comment on Leigh’s incredible photo shot with redscale film, and I accidentally typo’ed out “Whow!”

NEW WORD: Rock-n-cherry-rocky-road

Rock-n-cherry-rocky-road definition: Interjection/Slang. (used to express delight or joy). example: as in, “Rock-n-cherry-rocky-road! That bicycle is incredible!” first usage: Andertoons Cartoon Blog: “Parts of the Tribune Tower remind me of this cube. Too bad our actual cubes don’t look like this. That would roooooock-n-cherry-rocky-road.”

New word: Kamino

New word: Kamino definition: to disappear Ok. Not so much a new word, as a new definition for an existing word. Kamino is the planet in Star Wars that was erased from the official library records. The planet virtually disappeared! More info at the Kamino wikipedia entry In usage: “Where did John go? He totally …

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NEW WORD: pfuh

pfuh definition: Interjection/Slang. (used to express disgust, disappointment, frustration, contempt, or the like). example: as in, “I certainly did not leave my planet Zork to Earth for the abundance of washers and dryers. Pfuh!”

New word: noonionon

noonionon demand 1) The fast way of saying “No onion on” or “No onions please.”

New word: childhoodren

What is the plural of childhood? Childhoods? That sounds weird. The plural of child is children. How about the plural of childhood to be childhoodren?

New word: smackless

Smackless definition: (adj) Spelled Pronunciation[smack-lis] Origin: Starting in 2005 Yahoo Fantasy Football allowed competitors to have “smack talk” appear by their team name. Smack is comments either boasting up oneself or against another team. When one of the teams don’t have any reply to the other team’s smack, they are rendered smackless. 1. temporarily deprived …

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New word: furilla

furilla interjection 1) Short for “for real”

New Word: Takyotim

interjection: short for “take your time” The shortening of this phrase into takyotim is ironic given what it means. View all the new word definitions on spudart.