Urbandictionary rejected

New Word: Dorkingdom

Definition: Dorkingdom noun The land of the highest dorks.

New Word: Dorkiful

Definition: Dorkiful adj Akin to beautiful, but in a dorky endearing way.

new word: blogworthy

I’ve been using this word, blogworthy, for awhile. Finally thought I’d post it. blogworthy: anytime there is something that is deserving of going on the blog i.e this post about blogworthy is so blogWORTHY!

new word: biphonal

biphonal adj. Holding multiple phones to your ears or in front of you at the same time. From the Daily Candy

new word: cybho

Cybho noun 1. A cyber whore. 2. A person who uses 3 or more different instant messanging programs at the same time. [Cyber: from cyber (netic). Whore: Middle English hore, from Old English]

New word: Slope

Okay, it’s not really a new word. But here’s a new definition for it. slope noun 1) A merging of two words: slow and dope. “I’ve been so lazy at home lately, i’m feeling like such a slope.” 2) Someone who has the feeling that things are heading downhill.

new word: nightenorning

nightenorning n. 1. The period between night and morning. “Oh wow, it’s 4am, where did the time go, I should really get a couple hours sleep. Good Nightenorning.” [Middle English, from Old English niht.] [Middle English, from morn, morn.]

New word: brainblow

brainblow n. 1: When something blows your mind: “Oh my, you just gave me a brainblow.” brainblow v. t. [imp. & p. p. Brainblowed; p. pr. & vb. n. Brainblowing.] 1. To blow one’s mind. 2. To affect with great wonder; astonish: “She just brainblowed me away.”