Fun with Walgreens

Buying hair products

Whenever I see someone buying hair products, I check out their hair. “oh they have beautiful hair, I’ll try their product.” or “oh boy, I’m sure not gonna buy what they are using if their hair looks like that.” But then yesterday I fell victim to my own scrutiny and judgement. With my hair a …

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The most Chicago Cubs mugs

What store in Chicago has the best selection of Chicago Cubs mugs? Not any of the stores by Wrigley Field Not Sportmart Not any tourist trap in downtown Chicago Not Walgreens But our very own Tribune Tower with its tiny little shop in the corner of the building. Great selection.

Logos on cylinder products

I’m designing a label for a foam rocket, and recently did some research at Walgreens. Small cylinder products that lay down horizontally almost always have the main logo on both sides of the product. i.e. candy While larger cylinder products that stand up only have the main logo on the front, not on the back. …

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Chocolate! Chocolate! vs. Triple Chocolate Chaos

While standing in line at Walgreens to purchase six balance bars on sale, I muttered out loud, “oh crap.” The person next in line asked me, “What’s wrong?” It sounded so ridiculously silly when I responded with, “I meant to pick up two ‘chocolate! chocolate!’ bars, instead i picked up a ‘Triple Chocolate Chaos.’ But …

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I saw SpongeBob Squarepants in person

I was going on a Walgreens break with a fellow SpongeBob fanatic, and he told me, “Matt look it’s SpongeBob!” At first I thought he meant like a SpongeBob t-shirt. But across Michigan Avenue by the Walgreens was a LIFE-SIZED SIX-FOOT TALL SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. I ran across the median dodging the Michigan Ave traffic and …

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Mr. Green

While purchasing the new Sobe Mr. Green drink at Walgreens, I commented to Lisa about how I liked the dinosaur on the label. The Walgreens cashier corrected me and said, “it’s a lizard. NOT a dinosaur.” So I replied, “it will still be a dinosaur in my mind.” and walked away.

Kung Fu Hampster

I was at Walgreens during lunch today and I ran into this Singing Kung-Fu Hamster. Squeeze his hand and he sings the pop dance song, “Ku Fu Fighting.” But the killer winner of them all is the spinning nunchucks! I’m surprised that they can sell this, because the spinning nunchuck looks very dangerous. But that …

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