Take a book, bring a book

Take a book, bring a book

Oh wow. This is so cool. A family in Oak Park set up their own little library in their front yard. I totally want to visit and contribute a book. If you were contributing a book to a “Take a book, bring a book” library such as this, what book(s) would you contribute?

I enjoy Incredible Change-Bots (by Jeffrey Brown) so much that I might go to my local book store, buy a copy and drop it off at the Weiss Library.

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Thomas Mitchell
11 years ago

Yes, sort of. It looks like they’re numbered and logged online. I came across a new one a few blocks from my house and took some photos. But I can’t see how I can attach or upload them with this comment. I guess I’ll have to send them via Facebook.

Thomas Mitchell
11 years ago

I’ve seen at least three of these out here in Wheaton and Glen Ellyn.

11 years ago

I have seen these in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton.

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