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Ten thousand regular typefaces when all you need is an italic

For a design comp, I quickly selected a Google font, Encode Sans. Because it comes in lots of weights thin, extra light, light, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold, and black. WONDERFUL!

Encode typefaces

Such glorious options.

And then quadruple over these options with Condensed, Semi CondensedSemi Expanded, and Expanded families—each with 9 weights. This isn’t just a family of fonts, it’s a SUPER-FAMILY.

Super-family of Encode

After two days of designing with this font, I need an italic. Guess what.

No italic.

What’s that lyric from the 90s?… “It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife” —Alanis Morissette (Side note: when googling: spoon knife lyrics, this song is only about the 8th result!)

I have ten thousand regular typefaces, but all I need is an italic.

I’m gonna cheat and use Roboto Italic.

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