The 137 easiest words to text on a cell phone

When composing a text message on a cell phone, the easiest letters to use are the first ones for each number:

  • 2: a
  • 3: d
  • 4: g
  • 5: j
  • 6: m
  • 7: p
  • 8: t
  • 9: w

Using just these letters: a, d, g, j, m, p, t, and w; how many words can you form?

I got 137 words using only a, d, g, j, m, p, t, and w:

a, aa, aam, ad, Ada, Adad, adad, Adam, Adapa, adapt, adat, adaw, add, Adda, adjag, aga, Agag, agama, Agawam, Ajaja, ajaja, am, ama, amaga, amapa, Amma, amma, amt, apa, Apama, apt, at, Ata, atap, atma, atta, aw, awa, awag, awat, awd, da, dad, dada, dadap, dag, dagga, dam, dama, damp, dap, data, daw, ga, gad, gag, gaj, gam, gamma, gamp, gap, gapa, gat, gata, gaw, gawm, gwag, jag, Jaga, jagat, jam, jama, Jap, Jat, jaw, ma, maam, mad, madam, mag, Maga, magma, Maja, Mam, mamma, map, mat, matta, maw, mawp, pa, pad, Padda, paga, pajama, pam, pap, papa, papaw, pat, pata, patta, paw, pawpaw, ta, taa, tad, tag, taj, tam, Tama, tamp, tap, tapa, tappa, tat, tatta, taw, tawa, Td, twa, twat, Wa, wa, waag, waapa, wad, wag, wagwag, wamp, wap, wapp, wat, watap, watt, waw, wawa

Granted most of these words seem to be gibberish.

Some fun combinations: adamdad, adaptmatt, damtag, dampjaw, datatap, jawpaw, japwatt, madjam, mammagamma, tatmap

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

Since you have matta up there, why not matt … or Matt? You are worthy! You are worthy!

1 year ago

Hey Matt nice work

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