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The 50 most interesting photos of 2012


2012 saw most of my photos cropped to squares thanks to instagram. I also found that while browsing other people’s photos on the Instagram app, I often didn’t read the caption. I would only look at the photos. I started to write the caption directly on the photos. Sometimes I imagine what would happen if I had a gallery show of my photos and how the text on the images might make for an entertaining show. It’s sorta like a combination of fine art (photography) with webcomics (punchline).

Most photos I take have some sort of thought behind them. I usually don’t just take photos when things are pretty. To put words directly on the photos helps to push the thought further to my viewers. Go ahead and view the entire clickable list of the 50 most interesting photos of 2012 on flickr. I also give insight behind the top ten images of 2012, like just how did a photo of Makit & Backit become the #1 image of 2012?

And then check out the 75+ images inside the set, “Words written on images.”

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