The art student’s joke that turned December 14th into Monkey Day

Happy Monkey Day!

Have you ever wondered why certain days become special holidays? Sometimes, it’s to commemorate a birthday or a significant event. Occasionally, the date itself holds a fun pattern (think of 1212 day being known as Mic Drop Day).

How about Monkey Day? Here’s a little story from the National Day Calendar:

A Michigan State University art student, Casey Sorrow, created National Monkey Day when he wrote Monkey Day on his friend's calendar. A celebration followed and grew.

The rationale for Monkey Day is quite fitting. It started with someone monkeying around.

For other fun ways to monkey around on Monkey Day, check out these posts:

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(Image generated by Dall-E Chat GPT)

A reason why we need to work in offices: The time I printed hundreds of different monkey images, and put them in a friend’s work cubicle as a practical joke

Take some French art from 1724 featuring a monkey, and print it on a sheet of toilet paper. Then frame it. I was going to do an entire series of printing art from famous museums onto the toilet paper collected from the same museum’s bathroom. Yeah. Very strange. That’s kind of the point.

Toilet paper art print inside acrylic frame

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