The best nine cards for this player

I’d like to see a blog where every post features the ten best baseball cards of a single player. Or maybe nine, so the blog can show them as a grid of 3×3. Baseball card pages also show nine cards at a time.

Names for the blog could be:

— This Players Best Nine

— This Players Best

— Best Nine Cards

Each post would be written by someone who collects that player. That way you get people who know all a player’s cards intimately. I don’t think I could go and try to find all the best cards of Willie McGee. But take a Willie McGee fan, and he’ll certainly be abe to pick out the nine best cards–and give his rationale for each card from a pure Willie McGee fan.

Having a guest author for each post would help to bring different opinions for why cards are nice. Most times it would be photo selection. But sometimes there are special versions of cards that highlight a player’s achievement that makes it special, like Marlon Bryd’s one time he was an All-Star.

Which players did you collect and what are their best nine cards?

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