The diagonal crosswalk at Jackson and State is fun!

The diagonal crosswalk at Jackson and State is fun!

Diagonal crosswalks are being tested in Chicago at Jackson and State. While waiting for Barnes & Noble to open at the corner, I cross this intersection diagonally seven times, taking photos from the center each time.

When the diagonal light engages, you have JUST enough time to run to the middle of the intersection and take a 360 pano and run safely back to the corner.

Being a Sunday, all the tourists did not explore this strange new method of crossing the street.

While waiting for each diagonal signal, the rhythm and frequency of the diagonal light became apparent. North/south only, west/east only, north/south only, west/east only, diagonal. The diagonal only goes on after two sets if each direction. When the diagonal is engaged. ALL sides turn on north/south, west/east, AND diagonal. It’s like a pedestrian free-for-all party for 26 seconds. So run into the middle and take photographs from the center of a downtown Chicago intersection while all the traffic waits for you.

Be safe. Be alert. We're all pedestrians.

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8 years ago

Refresh my memory as to what’s on each corner of Jackson and State.

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