The double cicada invasion in 2024 isn’t as much as they are making it to be

You know how they talk about Illinois seeing two cicada broods overlap this year? The 13-year cicadas and the 17-year cicadas. And this only happens once ever 221 years. (the last time being 1803).

Well, the two broods just BARELY overlap in Central Illinois. Here’s a map.

Since the overlap is on the fringes of the two broods, I imagine they don’t get as much of either brood. They’ll just get a combo. For Central Illinois, it will be more than usual. But normally they would get much less, than say Elmhurst.

They say they’ll come in late May. Since they come out when the ground warms up, I’m guessing that further south sees the cicadas before we do.

The last time these two broods emerged together was in 1803. Thomas Jefferson was President of the United States, and Lewis and Clark started their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase.

I’m looking forward to the free lawn aeration service.

If you’d like to know when they are coming, they’ll surface when the soil temperature is 65 degrees. Check out this blog post with charts that show the current soil temperature and give a forecast for the upcoming temperatures of the soil.

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