The fu-fu game, aka two-letter-double-word ga-ga

Today’s fun game is to take the first two letters of a word and repeat it twice in a sentence.

Today is th-th. [Today is thursday.]

I am feeling ti-ti. [I am feeling tired.]

This cake is de-de. [This cake is delicious.]

If someone tells you that it’s annoying, you can respond with:

Dear person, the two-letter-double-word ga-ga is fu-fu. And when you said this is annoying, you have said, ‘this is an-an.’” One of my favorites is if someone calls it dumb, it would be “that’s du-du.” Haha. du-du.

I like how this double two letter thing can be read to what it means, but it’s also open to interpretation. Perhaps the presidential candidates should start implementing it in their answers.

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