The Grand construction is over, or so I thought

CTA Grand Red Line staircase: for front train riders

This morning I exclaim out loud, “Wow, my train station is so nice now! It’s so open and big!” I look around amazed as other commuters pass me by. I think, “Gee, aren’t these people happy that our station is finally done with construction?”

For the past three or four years we’ve walked by raw concrete walls and wooden board walls, even walked ON wooden board floors. It’s been a great work by the CTA to keep the station open during construction. But wow. it’s taken so long.

Then today the Grand station on the red line is finally done with construction! All the fake wooden walls blocking off half the station are now gone, revealing a new wide open station. I walk around with my mouth open amazed at how big the station is. I walk up my normal stairs shocked that there is now an ESCALATOR.

I even say out loud for other people to hear, “Wow, there’s an ESCALATOR!!!” I can totally get used to having an escalator escort me up out of the station onto the sidewalk. All this time there was this wooden wall by the stairs, and it was hiding an escalator. Although I am really perplexed at how the walls were dirty. You’d think that with unveiling these new parts of the station that the walls would be clean.

Plus it’s kinda confusing how they were able to make this new fancy exit with all these decorative walls. It’s like someone had dropped it out of the sky and it landed here magically.

As the escalator escorts me up onto the sidewalk, I look around and even the area around me was different… Waaaaaaait–A McDonalds?–Waaaaaaaait. I’m at the CHICAGO stop, not the GRAND stop! Ohhh, haha. I guess Grand is not done after all. I was totally fooled, because the Grand station is being renovated to look just like the Chicago station.

I accidentally gotten off the train one stop too early. And my imagination made the Grand station open early.

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13 years ago

Ha! I bet you were a topic of conversation for many daily Chicago-stop commuters who overheard you saying “ESCALATOR!”

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