The grumbling against snow

I love snow

Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing out on a key cultural way that people relate to one another. When it snows in April, everyone complains about it. Maybe I’m supposed to complain too, to help console people who are upset about the snow.

When people say “oh this weather… grumble, grumble”, I like to respond with, “I like the snow.” I suppose my response is a little confrontational. I’m implying what the other person saying is wrong. I don’t want to imply that their feelings are wrong. I just like the snow. And I’d rather accept it and find the joy in it. Would it be nice to have warmer weather? Sure. But it’s also nice to have the little surprise of snow, because we won’t have it for another five to six months.

But then I’m missing out on the chance to say “yeah, we are in this together” with someone.

If I ever had a conversation with you about snow, please excuse me if I came off in the wrong way.

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