The mysterious pink donut without sprinkles

THE Pink Donut

I highly encourage you to leave a comment on sparx’s photo of a pink donut with no sprinkles.

Here’s a highlight-worthy comment:

maybe the donut has an anti-sprinkle deflector shield. I bet now that the donut is inside you, you now have an anti-sprinkle deflector shield around you. And when you poop that donut out, there will be no sprinkles on your poop, because, you guessed it, you poop will now have the anti-sprinkle deflector shield.

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10 years ago

There are 54 words in that comment and 3 of them are “poop”. Your comment is about 5.56% poop. This post is 3.9% poop.

Peter Kreten
10 years ago

It doesn’t need sprinkles. It’s perfect as is.

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