The night I placed over fifty snowballs on the Jack Brickhouse statue in Chicago

Snowballs on Jack Brickhouse statue

Chicago had a nice wet snowfall that made for perfectly packing snow. How could one pass up on he opportunity to make a bunch of snowballs and stack them on a Hall of Fame broadcaster statue of Jack Brickhouse? It had to be done.

At first I was going to leave only a few snowballs to make the joke, “oh look! Jack Brickhouse made some snowballs and is ready to use them!” but a few became a dozen; a dozen became a few dozen.

While stacking the snowballs creating my work of art, I kept thinking how the art in is always about how someone did a ridiculous amount of repetitive work until it reaches an amazing volume. That thought pushed me to make more and more snowballs.

The guys driving the snowplow trucks throughout Pioneer Court were nice to leave me alone to my work. All the snow around the statue was plowed away, so I had to create he snowballs from the nearby planters. Every time I made about ten snowballs, I would position my left arm as a cradle and place each snowball carefully in a triangle format to carry over to the statue while my back was arched backwards with the precarious pile against my chest. Every now and then a few snowballs would drop during the transport from planter to statue, but such is the price of public street art.

Each time arriving at the statue with an armful of snowballs, I would strategically place each snowball in a pyramid shape. I felt like the Egyptians, only instead of making my monumental structure in the desert sand, mine was in the urban snow.

I knew I reached the finish when people walking back would point in delight at the statue exclaiming, “that’s awesome!”

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9 years ago

Brickhouse looks pretty happy about it. I’m curious how long the snowballs will stay there.

Andrew Bach
9 years ago

hahaa! this is pretty solid!

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